The Snail 🐌 Part – #002 The life of turtle

Rabia ran and tried hard to fix her. Martha also came to help Saya, but Saya believed that her entire trust and confidence was stored on her shell. Saya became very angry at Rabia. For Rabia, Saya is his only friend. Rabia knew how to fix Saya. He found her shell and took it to... Continue Reading →


The lost kid – Part #001 The Wanderer

Everyone have dreams, and those dreams drive us crazy towards it. Identifying the dreams are the toughest part anyone can face in their life. Identifying the wrong dream is equally scary. From today onwards we have decided to focus on something for what we started this blog. The blog went to places and focused on... Continue Reading →

The Snail 🐌 – Part – #001

Underwater world is amazing place to live in this world. Saya, The Snail is a best friend and pet of every underwater creatures then. She had a beautiful shell over her and that had incredible patterns over it. She used to hangout with turtles and tiny fishes. Eventually a Rabia, a turtle and Martha, a... Continue Reading →

The Pre Start – The Lost kid #001

Everything changes in this world. We believe this blog have hidden strength to change everything about your life. From today onwards we have decided to focus on something for what we started this blog. The blog went to places and focused on many things only time could have decided. Lets start it. The idea of... Continue Reading →

Successful love story

Hayathi's diary

​I loved you. You said i have no such feelings for me. But i wasn’t able to hate you, curse you or spread rumours about your character. I love you the same way before you rejected me till now. That’s the success and depth of my love. You can easily say to forget me but you can’t understand that how hard it is due to the memories you gave me.

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Lets start over

What is life Something happens for good, Something happens for bad, Something happen because it ought to, Something should not happen, Something happens just because it should not, These bumps and hustles are life Monthly dose of motivations starting this November every 22nd stay connected. Dedication to my beloved friend Hayathi aka Iswarya Natesan for all her... Continue Reading →

The summer

The summer is here. It's already more than 45°C in some places of south India and actual temperatures are beyond expectations and it's going to be very unique. Unique in sense the science says 2017 is going to be very hotter. If you got deja vu and started wondering where you heard it earlier, it's... Continue Reading →

One another day

Summer is getting closer and holiday season is also over. It's been an one another day of work. One thing never changes are our hunger. A fine morning, starting a work, and it's already 2 hours past breakfast and 2 hours to lunch. I was hungry. Let's eat some snacks. Biscuits, breads and buns and... Continue Reading →

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